Our lab is broadly interested in understanding the molecular and evolutionary forces that shape mammalian gene regulatory networks. We are especially interested in understanding an emerging role for transposable elements, including endogenous retroviruses, in regulating critical pathways in health and disease. We integrate ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ approaches, including large-scale computational analyses of genomic datasets (e.g. from ENCODE, TCGA) and functional experiments in mammalian cells to better understand genome evolution and function.

The Chuong lab is located in the BioFrontiers Institute associated with the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of Colorado Boulder. Boulder, CO is an extremely scenic and livable town filled with scientists and engineers, as well as unparalleled outdoor recreational opportunities.

Graduate students: Our lab has training opportunities for both computational and/or experimental biologists. Interested PhD students should apply through the BioFrontiers IQ biology program and/or the Department of Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology.

Postdocs: We are looking to recruit talented postdocs interested in developing their own research program or taking the lead on ambitious projects related to genome regulation in immunity and cancer. Ideal candidates would be talented experimental or computational biologists interested in bridging wet and dry approaches.

For inquiries please e-mail Ed with a short paragraph describing your interest in joining the lab, a C.V., and contact information for 3 references.